desmayos, asco, morbo, repulsion, perturbación, incomodidad o extrañeza corporal  y/o mental pueden manifestarse en algunas corporalidades. y nada te obliga a quedarte y aguantar nada. la puerta esta abierta pa que salgas y vuelvas o simplemete vete sin molestar o alimentar a las bestias, asi al menos saldras entera

A intense and some times shocking experience, fainting, disgust, repulsion, perturbation, discomfort, body or mental estranglement have been manifested in some corporealities, in the other hand, many had expressed extreme curiosity, laugh & happiness, even grateful thankfulness.  
A body decolonization, blood magic, transhackfeminist & science freak
  collaboration between klau kinki and misfita started in may of 2016. 
Dark cabaret-style performance, audiovisual experience,  bizarre installation-scenario with DIY biohacking techniques  & bodyspell rituals. Based on the bloody horrors of  medicine history  (surgery, anatomy, ob/gyn) A progressive ritual to honor our losts: witches, healers, chamans. With ironic and critic perspective, playful participatory resources & extreme body actions.
Perú – Colombia – Calafou
Dra Kaligari Cabinet  is a gynegore, dildomancy & prostatic degenerating cabaret, with  6 acts::anatomical theatre, public-cervix-anouncement, abortion/vasectomy, degenerate prostate, curse/exorcism. 
Nudity, raw vaginal and anal exposure, skins pierced by needles, blood games with surgical tools in our skins as ritual, we will spill blood and rage for the bodies that have been silent. 

  • Dra Kaligari Cabinet is an always mutating performance, a dark cabaret-style audiovisual experience, a spokenword interactive game, a bizarre installation-scenario assembled with biohacking techniques, DIY technologies, hybrid objects and bodyspell rituals.
Composed by 5 acts that are flexible to adapt to any context, sort of “performatic stages” of a journey through the bloody horrors of history of medicine (surgery, anesthesia, anatomy murders or the sadistic uroginecology and obstetrical violence) A progressive bodyperformance ritual, to honor our losts : witches, healers slaves, poor, immigrants, all bodies slaughter by them, with critical and ironic perspective using playful participatory resources to extreme body actions.
Related to the call: This is A Blood embodiment, from the blood of the unknown to our own bodies and experiences, cause medical memory has to be reset critically. A deconstruction of medical and corporal knowledge outside hygienic rooms, knowledge expressed in viscera, SelfDisection, personal fluids and limits on pain, disgust and pleasure, our own blood a visceral scream an infectious viral call to memory.
Current Biography
Have being presented in different festivals during the last years : Tremenda Fest (Castellon) – Bitchcraft (Bruselles) – TDB (Toulouse) – Tatto Circus (Barcelona) – Trobada Comunitat (Calafou) – Encuentro Marica rural (Valls) – Jornadas gynecoñogicas (Manresa)
klau kinki: feminist, activist with projects such as PechblendaLab – Anarchagland – Gynepunk
misfita terata: performer that investigates blood and body as a materials, gender and normative abolition